Some views on Light On Leadership:

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In Light on Leadership I received the gift of transformation of the hearts and minds of leaders who are transported by the power of our human storying and meaning-making capacity. This book invites us into the stories, heart, community, space, lens and practices that create transformation as we paint our own lives, our relationships, our organisations and our world with light.

Chené Swart is a consultant in leadership development and organisational transformation and author of the book, Re-authoring the World.


… a delightful smorgasbord of timeless universal principles, lessons and stories within stories that are simultaneously cognitive, emotional, spiritual and visceral. My left and right hemispheres  were nudged into a Whole Brain, Kairos Dance that reconnected me with what it means to be fully human……congratulations on an extraordinary story book debut which I believe is destined to find its way onto the silver screen…

Dr Bruce Copley, reFired elder and holistic edutainer


I was deeply moved, I experienced a range of emotions … from giggling to tears. As a photographer myself, I found the use of this metaphor accessible,ingenious, clear and useful, as I am sure any person stuck behind the habit of old views will. Leadership starts within, and Light On Leadership reminded me of the thought by thought, shot by shot choice that I have to lead myself from entanglement to clarity of vision.

Liesl Haasbroek, Regenerator


“Stories shape the way we create our world. In order to create a better future, we need better leaders. Better leaders tell better stories. Light on Leadership leads the way.”

Dr Nico Baird, Deputy Director, E-Learning, Wits University.


“Every now and then in life you stumble upon something that creates a pause moment. A moment which you recognise as one that will change your views and thoughts for the better. A moment and a discovery of a new way of thinking about yourself and your life. Reading this book is one of those moments. You want to shout it out from the mountain tops and share it with the world. As with all things, some people may miss it and others will recognise the moment and pick up the book.”

Fanie Laubscher. Photographer and Owner: Beautique Photography


“Of all the many roles Igno van Niekerk fulfils in his life – husband, father, business executive, teacher, trainer, facilitator, friend – at the core of his identity lies the storyteller. Light on Leadership is a valuable gift to the world. With a gentle touch, the author relates an amalgam of stories resembling Babushka dolls, wrapped around each other to unmask essential truths about leading oneself and others towards purposeful lives. Light on Leadership extends the tradition of Clarissa Pinkola Estes of Women Who Run With The Wolves and The Gift of Story, exemplifying a Spanish Cantadora storytelling style, yet rooted in a South African motif. It’s authentic particularity in South Africa reveals universal lessons, applicable as much to South Africans as they are to Americans and Australians, Asians and Indians, and all those in-between. Practical in orientation, Light on Leadership is a gorgeous and compelling read, easily digestible, both amusing and sad. It combines powerful allegorical, historical, anecdotal and biographical storytelling elements, a grand feat, and I recommend it to all who envisage a better world.”

Peter Christie a.k.a. Big Chief Talking Bull, Storyteller,