Welcome  to the journey.

If you are passionate about leadership, learning and the things that motivate people, I appreciate you dropping in.

So, why spend time with me?

For most of my life, I have been a wanderer in the forest we call leadership. I was often lost, frequently confused and mostly fascinated.

While my mind was considering and questioning the state of leadership (personal and professional, local and global) my hands held a camera and my heart kept finding stories.

Let my make  it clear from the outset, I have been a part time lecturer and hybrid business coach on leadership for more than 20 years. I have read many of the books, studied the theories and observed leaders in action. I have coached and seen leaders of all sorts: transformational, transactional, situational, servant leaders, bad leaders, brilliant leaders, visionary leaders, pragmatic leaders,… the list doesn’t end.

The more I worked with leaders at all levels, as well as lecturing MBA students, BML* students, and kept studying new developments (neuro-leadership, quiet-leadership, mindful-leadership, self-leadership… another list that has no end), the more I realized that the combination of photography (interpreting and composing the landscape), history (building on the past),  storytelling (creating a compelling view of the future and having empathy for where people are in their own stories) and mindfulness were shaping  a narrative about leadership that I had to share. And my camera kept on finding new angles,  zooming in and out, refocusing – composing a metaphor. In the same way good light is a deciding factor when composing photographs, a leader’s ability to cast light (enlighten) on the business or personal landscape is a deciding factor when influencing the composition of the vision.

Hence, the book. Light on Leadership. A different view, a challenging angle and a surprising story.

I am forever grateful for the landscapes I have been able to visit. Not only the real territories of boardrooms, nature and classroom, but also the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual territories that you find on your quest to the heart of leadership.

For me, the journey has not stopped.

Shortly after the book was published, I was invited to host workshops. I spent time with Leader teams, we revisited their views on leadership, found inspiring stories and re-imagined their destinies.  Like the book’s main character, David Wander, I keep answering new callings, finding new paths and appreciating the sharing of wisdom from fellow travellers.

Whether you have read the book or not, feel free to walk the journey with me by subscribing to the newsletter and reading the blog.



*BML is a degree on Management and Leadership offered by the University of the Free State in South Africa.