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“Oh no. Please not another book on Leadership.”

Why should you be interested?

Light on Leadership is not only a book on leadership. It is a work of art. A slow read which compels you to think about the Leadership Landscape we all live in.

When listening to leaders these days, we often hear words like busy, overworked, burnout, stress (the list goes on and on).


The information age has caught us by surprise. Endless streams of E-mails, Voice mails, Notifications, and Interruptions. The white-water-rush never stops.

No clear boundaries:

Worktime, Family-time, Overtime, Rush-time.

But very little Me-Time. Mindful Time.

What leaders need more than ever is:

Reflection-Time. Think-Time. Focus Time. Reframing-Time.

A different lens, a different angle, a different viewpoint.

Leaders need time to make things click. To compose the bigger picture. To find the compelling stories that move followers forward.

In Light on Leadership you’ll look at leadership through the eyes of a photographer, the heart of a storyteller, the vision of a historian and the needs of a 21st century leader.

It is a book that will make you see differently, feel differently and do differently – a book that will challenge you to rethink your role as leader, not only at work, but also at home.

Purchase the e-book (world wide) as well as in printed format (South Africa Only).